Hobo No More

imageI put on make-up today for the first time in several weeks.  Well… maybe the term “make-up” is a bit of a stretch.  Mascara.  I put on mascara.  But it’s a start.  And earrings, too.  And a skirt instead of yoga pants, which have been my go-to fashion of late.  I’ve cared too little about my appearance to care beyond having something clean to wear.  (After my daughter informed me one day that I smelled like celery – which I still don’t understand – I have been careful to bathe on a regular basis, so there’s that…)

While we were spending so much time at the hospital, one day I realized my sister-in-law had brought her curling iron.  I looked at her a bit quizzically and asked “did you really have your curling iron here?”  She laughed and said we left my daughter’s apartment too early for her to do her hair.  Her daughter looked at her a bit funny and said “Mom… Seriously?”  I had glanced down at my own wardrobe and said, “Meanwhile, I’m dressed like a hobo.”  No joke, a hobo – not only did I have yoga pants and a t-shirt on, the bottoms of the pants were shredded where they were too long and I had been walking on them, the soles of my ever-present Keds were worn through with holes, and I had been lucky to run a brush through my hair.  Who could think of fashion, hair and make-up at a time like that?

But it occurred to me this morning that my husband would have cared.  He always wanted me to look my best and would encourage me to dress up a bit, even if we were just going to the grocery store.  So I have more skirts and dresses in my closet than most women I know, and I wear them on a regular basis.  I enjoy getting decked out; I always have.  In high school, I was the girl who wore heels to school on a regular basis.  And skirts and dresses “just because”.  One year I even had what I now refer to as my “secretary” phase – a wardrobe complete with grey wool skirt, dress pants, blouses, and even a bow tie.  Yes, I said a bow tie.

So today, in order to honor my husband and make him smile, I look a bit more presentable.  And plan to stay that way… Goodbye, Hobo!

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