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[Update: April 2016 – This blog was originally created to be a fun peek into my crazy world, but I never seemed to have time to write anything down.  When my husband recently passed away very suddenly, I decided to dust off the cobwebs and try to get my thoughts and feelings down to process it all.  My thoughts are often raw and scattered and may mean absolutely nothing to anyone but myself, but they are real.  And honest.  And cathartic.  I hope my ramblings may bring you some comfort, peace, or entertainment, as well.  If this is your first visit, I suggest you learn how I got to this place.]

Right up front, you need to know that I suffer from multiple personalities.  Not in the diagnosed-by-a-certified-psychiatrist kind of way, but in the those-closest-to-me-are-always-asking-“which-personality-am-I-speaking-to-right-now?” kind of way.  Always a bit on the fringe of society, I am a cosmic magnet for the strange and unusual.  Although at a quick glance, some of my posts may seem to be contradictory, much like a puzzle where you complete the edges first, the more you see, the clearer the picture will become. Know that everything is genuine, even if it changes from one day to the next.

Married to my high school sweetheart for more than 25 years before he passed away, I am mother to our three (now nearly grown) children.  I dabble in nature photography and am somewhat fascinated by creepy crawly things.  As such, my photos tend to include a great many insects and snakes, as well as landscapes, but my favorite shots were the ones of dragonflies smiling, which I took with my cell phone on different days at different times.  [You can read up a bit more about this and see a couple of the images here.]

I love to travel, have not done nearly enough of it, but hope to rectify that someday “soon”.  As a nomadic family, we tended to move a lot; I used to joke that if I couldn’t travel, I’d just relocate someplace new.

Feel free to reach out with comments, questions, or feedback.  I’d love to hear from you.  You can also “Like” my Facebook page or register your email address by clicking “Follow” on my home page by and get notifications when a new blog is posted.  A contributor for The Mighty, please follow me there, as well.

Cheri G


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