National Widows Day 2022

This marks the sixth year in a row I’ve written about National Widows Day, recognized on May 3rd. It was created as a reminder for people to reach out to the widows and widowers around them to simply check in and lend a hand when appropriate.

This year, the day and the reminder way a bit heavier on me; in the past several weeks, there have been too many people in my circle and some just outside it who have found themselves where I stood six years ago. A dear friend’s father who made a widow of his wife of 48 years, my cousin / Maid of Honor’s aunt who lost her long battle with an illness, the mother (a widow herself) of a friend I’ve known for 50 years who left her new partner alone, the former colleague who lost her husband to esophageal cancer, the former neighbor / employer / friend who lost his wife to a brain tumor, the friend whose sister passed away leaving behind a long-time partner, the friend’s whose sister lost her husband far too soon and unexpectedly – the list goes on.

Perhaps it is because I am getting older and this is “normal”, but it seems there have been far too many of these obituaries and notices coming across my path these days. Every single one of the loved ones they’ve left behind, as well as those who have been widowed for much longer, are exactly who National Widows Day is for.

There are many ways to participate, and it needs not be limited to one day – the day only serves as a reminder. The premise is simple; find a way to ease a widow/ers burden just a bit, letting them know they still matter. As I’ve said in years past, anything from a text or phone call to a lunch date to aiding with a home project would be much appreciated. It’s not what you do, it’s that you do.

Take it from someone who knows, knowing that someone is thinking of you when you feel abandoned and lost of all hope, is exactly the right thing to do.

To all those I’ve mentioned here, to those I’ve inadvertently omitted, and to those I have never met: Grief sucks. I’m sorry you are here. Know this – you are not alone. You do not have to go through this by yourself. You are loved. My inbox is always open.


Cheri G

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