Repeating 2’s

Repeating 2’s have long had meaning in my house.  My husband’s birthday was the 22nd, imagemy daughter met her current boyfriend on the 22nd, and my son was randomly assigned #22 on his high school varsity soccer team.  We would see 22s on license plates, in the news, and in random movies and television shows.  (Just watch and listen for them – now that you know, you’ll find them, too.)

In the months before my husband passed, they were found in abundance, more frequently than before, and often extending to 222s and occasionally even a 2222 here or there.  We tried to figure out just what it meant when we’d see them, but could never really determine what exactly the message was we were supposed to be receiving.  Nonetheless, we would point them out to one another and shake our heads every time they showed up.

Now, most people have a favorite number (mine is 33), but that’s not exactly what this was.    If you Google the number 22, there are plenty of sites where you can read what someone’s interpretation of repeating numbers is.  One of our favorite reference points for the number 22 was this blog.  We loved hearing that we were getting messages from our angels that we were on the right track and to simply stay the course.

imageWhen A was in the hospital and my cousin flew in to be my emotional support, she forced me to go back with her to her hotel for a couple of nights.  When I found out she was staying in Room 222, I nearly lost it.  She thought I was nuts when I kept asking “really?!” (and I’m sure she still does, but for entirely different reasons) until I explained the importance of the repeating 2s to our family.  The 2s (and her visit) seemed to be a positive sign, as he spent the next few days sometimes conscious and communicating with us.

Since he has passed, however, I’ve begun to see them differently.  On our drive home from South Florida a few days after his death, there were repeating 2s nearly everywhere we looked.  It seemed that every 2 or 3 vehicles had a 22 or 222 somewhere on them – license plates, truck identification numbers, phone numbers on the side of commercial vehicles.  In fact, we saw so many of these, that I turned to my son the cynical statistician (who had previously insisted it was simply the law of averages and we weren’t seeing any more than any other combination of numbers, but were simply thinking we saw more because we wanted to see them) and asked him if he had noticed.  He said, “yeah, they’re everywhere”.  So I quietly asked, “so now do you believe it’s not exactly normal?”  He nodded in agreement.

These days, I’m seeing the repeating 2s (which are still quite evident) in a new light.  Each time a car cuts me off with a 22 in the license plate, or I look up and it’s 3:22 p.m., or I read a news report about a 22-year drought that just ended, I give a small smile and think “Hi, honey.”  These days, the repeating 2s are my personal angel stopping by to say “hello” and let me know he’s there for me.

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