Meet and Greet Weekend

Although I’ve occasionally seen similar virtual events, I’ve never really felt established enough to consider myself a “blogger”. Until now. (Maybe that’s because I have more than just a few posts and no longer feel my site seems like a bachelor pad with only a futon and a foosball table for furniture.)

In any case, I look forward to learning more about my fellow bloggers and encourage you to hop on over to Keith’s “The Light Breaks Through blog to learn more.

Cheri G

Becoming Bridge Builders


It’s Meet and Greet time! I’ve loved hosting these in the past, so I’m very excited to be hosting this one. Getting to know new bloggers and watching bloggers I like to get to know each other makes me happy!

This is a party, and it’s meant to be fun. My rules are simple:

ALL Bloggers are welcome!
Leave a link to your blog in the comment section with as much info on your blog as you want to share. (Social Media links too if you’d like)
If you think your readers would enjoy sharing their links, please re-blog to let them know they are invited! Share on social media too if it suits your fancy! The more, the merrier.
Check out the links left by others. I’ve met some of my favorite bloggers at meet and greets.
This party will be going on all weekend…cause that’s the way I…

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